Supply chain optimization

    Supply chain optimization

    Wevioo is your partner to optimize and digitize your supply chain :


    • Supply Chain Strategy and Logistics Network Optimization
    • Logistics and Supply Chain Operations Optimization
    • Supply Chain Digital Transformation
    • Managing innovation projects


    With the surge of new consumption habits along with an increasingly competitive environment, the optimization of the supply chain processes is becoming essential to ensure the profitability of any business.

    Wevioo helps its Third- Party Logistics companies, retailers and manufacturing companies to improve their performance by enhancing their supply chain processes, reduce their operational costs and implement new technologies.


    In the current digital era where new technologies allow to connect all supply chain stakeholders to secure operations, reduce time leads and lower costs, Wevioo brings all its expertise and know how built over more than 20 years of strong partnerships with leading European logistics operators.


    Through the variety of projects carried out in the Supply Chain area, Wevioo has built a solid business and technology expertise that allowed us to develop innovative solutions adapted to the supply chain:

    • Warehouse dock management
    • Digitization of co-packing instructions
    • Mobile logistics flow tracking and management
    • AI and vision-based quality control systems
    • Production incident management