Project/program management

    Project/program management


    When companies undergo Digital Transformation initiatives, large-scale project portfolios and programs are launched, covering various work-streams, and often involving a multitude of internal and external stakeholders, in order to accomplish the company's digital strategy. 


    In order to ensure the success of these projects and meet the objectives in terms of deadlines, costs and quality, it is necessary to closely monitor the progress of the various streams and to mobilize and coordinate all stakeholders.

    To achieve tangible results and reach project objectives, Wevioo provides its clients with a project management expertise and service offering aligned with PMI principles, tailored ot meet expectation of large-scale programs and delivered by experienced, PMP-certified consultants. 
    Wevioo supports its clients in setting up a strategic project portfolio management unit and provides operational project management services to enhance companies’ capacity and capabilities.


    Wevioo has developed a project management practices and expertise to support clients from the inception phase of the programs through to the effective delivery and completion of the projects. 
    Wevioo develops the business case for the IS project by collecting the company's strategic expectations and identifying the key success factors and potential risks potentially impacting the achievement of the expected results.


    Then, Wevioo supports its clients in the development of the specifications based on client requirements. Wevioo assist its clients in the selection process of required solutions and suppliers (editors, manufacturers, and integrators). 


    During the project launch and build phase, Wevioo assists its customers in defining their needs, prioritizing milestones, validating project deliverables and supporting their deployment in a structured PMO and change management approach. 


    Wevioo brings its business expertise, methodology and know-how to the project owners in order to protect their interests and ensure project successful implementation. Wevioo also provides advisory services to facilitate decision-making and stakeholder engagement.