Operational performance

    Operational performance

    Facing both requirements of its customer service’s improvement on one hand and the increased operational costs on the other, companies must periodically adjust their value chain to insure optimized operational efficiency, better customer satisfaction and higher profitability.
    In this context, management must initiate a value analysis in order to identify potential savings in production time and material consumed. It also should maintain its commitment to service levels and product quality while strengthening its resilience.

    Our consultants help you implement methodologies adapted to your business sector and best suited to address your challenges and to identify areas for improvement:


    Supply chain

    Wevioo helps its customers implement the best Supply Chain strategy by optimizing procurement, securing supplies, improving downstream services and controlling costs throughout the Supply Chain.

    Wevioo provides you with a large range of Supply Chain expertise, backed up by a strong industry know-how and hands-on support capabilities. Our teams will utilize a variety of tools and methodologies built over 20 years of accumulated experience on international projects. Our expertise covers the entire Supply Chain scope: infrastructure, processes, human resources, and information systems.


    Performance of the IT Department 

    In a context where technologies are evolving more and more rapidly, IT organizations must constantly adapt. Today's information systems management must be constantly reinvented and redesigned to keep pace with these changes, ensuring a balance between Performance, Security, Agility and Innovation.

    Building on the expertise of its consultants, its know-how in different business contexts and its experience through several missions of IT departments reorganization, Wevioo helps CIO’s implementing more industrialized, agile and efficient organizations.
    Wevioo's teams deploy best practices in terms of designing processes (ITIL, COBIT, SCRUM, DevOps, ...) and most importantly, pragmatic as they leverage on our various hands-on experiences.  
    In addition, and given the changing and evolving nature of Information Systems, the required openness to the outside world and the related risks, IT security is becoming a key subject to address when developing an IT strategy or and IT organization. It represents a major challenge for companies and driver for an increased cyber resilience.

    We approach the topic of security through our expertise in repositories and standards (standards ISO 27000, ISO 22301, GDPR ...) that can be deployed with a risk-oriented approach.


    Business Continuity Plan

    In order to enhance their resilience against the increased number of internal or external risks, companies are required to establish a Business Continuity Plan (BCP). The objective of the BCP is to prevent and anticipate the occurrence of hazards or operational risks.

    Wevioo assists you in carrying out your BCP implementation project, consisting of an IT and Telecommunications Continuity Plan (ITCP), an Operational Continuity Plan (OCP) and a Crisis Management Plan (CMP). 

    Wevioo addresses both the IT and business aspects of the BCP via :

    • The services of experienced and certified consultants 
    • The implementation of field-tested methodologies
    • The deployment of proven technical and organizational solutions. 

    We adopt a pragmatic and operational approach to effectively implement a resilient organization. Whether you have an existing continuity system or are building one from scratch, Wevioo is able to develop a BCP that meets your specific requirements in compliance with the ISO 22301 standard.