Credit risk

    Credit risk


    By deploying appropriate solutions, Wevioo automates the credit valuation process and meets the Basel requirements & standards.

    Commercial banks and financial institutions are subject to an increasingly complex environment affecting their credit granting process and the quality of their loan portfolio.

    Among the most impacting factors we can mention the following:

    • An increasingly intense competition between banks and credit institutions is leading to greater risk taken on the existing customer portfolio.
    • With their strict provisioning rules, Basel 2 and 3 prudential standards have a significant impact on banks' profitability.
    • Increasingly shorter economic cycles make it hard to develop a long-term vision on risk quality.

    Thanks to its partnership with Prometeia, Wevioo offers to its customers an end-to-end credit risk management solution through:

    • The deployment of the ERMAS Suite software or one of its components: Rating Pro (rating engine), Eca Pro (workflow engine for counterparty risk management), etc.
    • Design, development and testing of credit granting workflows (retail and corporate).
    • Rating models (corporates) and scoring models (retail) development and  calibration.
    • Development of software interfaces with the business information system to eliminate double entries and to ensure a simpler and more fluid process.
    • Carrying out stress tests to ensure the quality of the developed models
    • Development and deployment of risk-adjusted pricing models.
    • Post Go live risk management support through model performance monitoring and back testing.