In the last years, technological innovation has been spreading through the industrial sector to become one of its crucial success factors. The ability of industrial companies to ensure of their own technological readiness is now essential to their profitability, sustainability, and business growth. 
    The entire industrial strategy is being challenged by the new levers offered by the Industry 4.0 technologies. Not only new technologies are deeply modifying the manufacturing processes but they also require new types of skills. To stay competitive, manufacturers must address the challenge of the transition to the Smart Factory: connected, flexible and digitized.
    However, the disruptive character of these technologies could appear as a threat for the business: How to choose the proper technology that can bring value to a specific process? how to implement without putting the organization at risk? What is the right budget to allocate into innovation initiatives? How to identify the best approach to deliver the operational and strategic objectives

    This is where Wevioo brings its know-how to its industrial clients and helps them define their digitization strategy, implement new technologies and ensure the continued maintenance and improvement of their tools. Our consultants will bring you their expertise in the following areas:.

    •   A deep knowledge of the Manufacturing and Supply Chain sectors acquired over more than 20 years of consulting services delivered to international industrial and logistics companies.

    •     A strong technological culture with a set of on the shelf software tools and the ability to develop tailor-made digital and embedded solutions to our customers.

    The digital solutions developed by Wevioo are based on a range of technological accelerators that enable the implementation of agile projects with a high return on investment. 
    Wevioo covers the entire industry value chain: Our experts will help you assess the technological readiness of your processes, benchmark your technological maturity and implement your innovation projects. 

    Wevioo helps you achieve your digital transformation goals by implementing the best technologies and shaping your business processes to the best practices. Our technological industry-oriented expertise allows us to develop digitization plans that will improve your factory efficiency, optimize your Supply Chain and integrate innovation into your corporate culture.