FINANCE Wevioo



    The financial sector, covering investment banking, retail banking and insurance, has been shaken in the recent history a number of unprecedented crisis that very few experts had anticipated. These crises had led to the fall of several players, the nationalization of a few and the recapitalization of others.

    Today, with the expansion of digital technologies (blockchain, chatbot, IoT, AI, Connected Objects, Web & Mobile technologies, etc.), the financial market is facing a new reality of  disruptive practices calling for a major reconfiguration and transformation of the market. This context, with favorable regulation, has fostered the emergence of neo-banks, Fintechs, e-insurance, and new entrants mainly from the telecom, retail and digital sectors.

    Today, more than ever, the keywords are Customer Centricity, Data Centricity, Process Efficiency, Customers Loyalty, financial services offered and new products.

    With credentials in investment, retail banking, micro-finance and insurance, Wevioo brings all its expertise and network of partners to helps its customers implement their organizational and transformation projects.


    Wevioo can help you improve your competitiveness by implementing a number of initiatives:   

         • Transforming your Information System to a business platform

         • Customer Relationship Management

         • Customer Data Management and AI Implementation

         • Customer orientation and operational efficiency

         • Change management

         • Workstation and user interfaces ergonomics

         • Agile and DevOps development

    Wevioo supports its customers in their IT transformation projects through proven methodologies for :

         • Business solution selection (Banking ERP, CRM, BI, etc.)

         • Management of transformation projects

         • Functional expertise to support your digital transformation projects

         • Change management support