Wevioo Academy: "A partnership approach where we are committed to train and develop talents to meet your target technology stacks"

    Wevioo Academy: "A partnership approach where we are committed to train and develop talents to meet your target technology stacks"


    The foundation of this initiative is based on a simple observation: the gap between the academic sphere and the job market is constantly widening. University graduates are being trained in outdated technologies with outdated methods. Wevioo Academy is inspired by the learning model in the manufacturing industry. Beyond technical skills and tools, everything is done to reinforce autonomy, self-confidence and work capacity. The first phase is self-training, which focuses, among other things, on programming languages, agile methodology, Cloud or devops.

    After the first phase, resources (graduates, editor's note) who met Wevioo's criteria are embarked on real projects, led by experienced project managers and individually monitored by mentors

    For Wevioo, the idea is simple: if these young people can both perform within the company and be embraced by their peers, then the transformation has succeeded. Indeed, the level of requirements at Wevioo is extremely high. We now have more than 350 employees and the vast majority of our projects are carried out with European customers.

    A wide range of training courses

    No more lectures or theoretical exercises. The learning method is meant to be different from what learners have been exposed to on the university benches. The courses are personalized and are based on self-training and total immersion into the company. Reverse engineering of the knowledge and skills of a digital professional led to a precise layout of MOOC, tutorials, e-learning sites, online challenges and internal workshops at Wevioo. All are available to the learner who can consult them at his own pace.

    Clear objectives are assigned individually to each learner in a tracking sheet. This shit continuously monitors the learner's performance in development and programming, as well as the scores achieved in individual or group challenges. A special attention is given to corporate interpersonal skills through specific SoftSkills trainings and frequent scenario-based exercises.


    During this training, the participants will be assessed in the company's different labs, mainly on infrastructure, cloud and other software engineering projects. At the end of the training, some of them will integrate the company, while others may be enrolled with end customers. Some will be employed by software development companies, banks, Software integrators or telecom providers.

    More than 25,000 unemployed ICT graduates in Tunisia

    To better understand the scope of this initiative launched by Wevioo, we need to go back to the roots of the matter. “Tunisia has more than 225,000 unemployed graduates, including about 25,000 in computer science and many more in scientific fields. The main issue is that there is a huge gap between the market demand and the skills of these graduates ” notes Maher Ferjani, Business Development and Africa Manager at ADACTIM, a subsidiary of Wevioo.

    Being more explicit, Maher Ferjani explains: “ In the light of this observation, we founded an association in 2011 and we offered a first cycle of funded training over ten months to about a hundred candidates. We trained them on communication and programming. And over time, we managed to transform some resources into valuable assets who have since joined our company.”

    That's all it took to convince Wevioo's top management. “We thought, we're going to industrialize this activity; by creating Wevioo Academy, we can set up professional reorientation programs for young people with high potential who are having trouble finding a job," says Mr. Ferjani, satisfied with this experience, which is presented as unique in Tunisia and on the continent.”

    Growth prospects

    Regarding Wevioo Academy's growth prospects, Omar Kolli reveals: “Wevioo Academy will step-up the pace in the coming weeks. Wevioo Academy is not a university or a training center, but a powerful tool for Wevioo and its partners. Professionals often ask us to partner with them to create specific programs tailored to their own needs.

    We started internally with a small batch of 14 learners, the experience is now well established, and is continuing within Wevioo. The next step is to duplicate it directly in the premises of our partners in Tunisia, Africa and Europe”
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