R&D in Embedded Systems

    R&D in Embedded Systems


    We support your Embedded Systems development projects by providing the skills and expertise of highly qualified design experts and development engineers for various missions:

    • Specification and system design of embedded products
    • Embedded software design and development
    • Design and development of digital FPGA architectures
    • Design of electronic boards (schematic and layout)
    • Testing and validation
    • Technical documentation
    • Quality control of development activities
    • Development project management


    • Technical Expertise and Support
    • Service Centre
    • Fixed-price project


    RF & Digital Radio Systems:

    • SDR Transceivers
    • RF Subsystems: Power Transmitters, Receivers, TR Modules, DDS, PLL, DPD
    • Digital control/command cards
    • Radar Signal Processing

    Internet of Things (IoT):

    • Smart sensor nodes
    • WFAN/WWAN Gateway
    • LPWAN networks: SIGFOX, LoRa, NB-IoT,...
    • IoT Protocols

    Video analysis and intelligent vision :

    • Smart Cameras
    • Video analysis algorithms
    • Dimensioning of camera optical stage
    • Test Platforms