Industry 4.0

    Industry 4.0


    Wevioo supports you in the digitization of your industrial value chain. Beyond the simple modernization of production tools and methods, we help you rethink your entire organization and processes by leveraging on new technologies. Based on its unique Industry 4.0 approach, Wevioo has helped leading Industry players define and successfully implement their digital transformation projects.

    Through our 4 step approach, we help our industrial clients in reaching higher levels of technological maturity:

    1. The first phase is to set measurable objectives in terms of growth, profitability, innovation, etc.
    2. In a second phase, we translate these objectives into actions according to the 4 QDIP segmentation (Quality, Delivery, Inventory, Productivity).
    3. All processes and workflows are then analyzed according to the defined segmentation:
    • Identify the As-Is for each action,
    • Define the I4.0 bricks / solutions allowing to meet the target,
    • Identify the constraints and prerequisites for the deployment of I4.0 solutions.
    • Test the technologies in a Proof of Concept approach

        4. Develop a cost-benefit analysis on the suggested improvements.

    A roadmap is then established, detailing all the projects to be implemented with the recommended implementation timeline.

    Our digital transformation offering helps you identify & implement innovation projects with high added value for your company.

    Once approved by our customers, recommendations are implemented by our technology teams to deliver the expected value.