Industrial Performance

    Industrial Performance


    With its consulting practice, Wevioo supports production managers in achieving their objectives of productivity improvement and quality enhancement whilst shortening time-to-market

    We provide you with all our skills and experience in the optimization of industrial processes as well as in the implementation of new industrial technologies.

    Our business experts help you analyze and assess your production model, your organization, and your industrial processes. Our multiple experiences in the industrial sector, along with our technological culture, allows us to innovative business recommendations, sometimes disruptive but always with a concrete and planned return on investment.

    Based on a number of performance improvement projects delivered in various industrial contexts, Wevioo has developed a unique know-how in implementing Lean methods within manufacturing plants.

    In our quest for optimization, we foster a comprehensive approach where the production system is not processed in silos as a set of isolated components but as full system including production, supply chain and support services.

    With this approach of inter-connectivity, IoT plays its full role and forms a real differentiator for the company.

    Our methodologies are adapted to the requirements of our industrial customers: Quick-wins, measurable gains & controlled costs. In our recommendations, we foster an agile approach that is gradually implemented in small, technology-intensive projects with high added value.

    We provide our customers with a series of technological accelerators that allow quick digitization of their activities. We provide our customers with the expertise of our R&D team  "Wevioo Labs":

    • Manufacturing digitizing solutions

    • Load Planning / Resource Allocation solutions

    • Collaborative production planning platform
    • Factory Incident Management software
    • Assembly operations monitoring

    • AGV control system
    • Laser-Assisted Manufacturing Process