Wevioo is strengthening its position in the world of the Internet of Things and technological innovation

Considered to be the fourth industrial revolution, the IoT (Internet of Things) is a major challenge in the digital transformation of business and human societies in fields as diverse as Smart Grid, Smart City, security, health (e-health), automotive, home automation, robotics or aviation.
The opportunities and challenges presented by this major transformation are now narrowing the gap  between the worlds of Embedded Systems and Information Systems, with a rich value chain stretching from communicating and smart devices all the way up to communication networks and Cloud applications.
EBSYS brings to Wevioo group advanced technological expertise and a strong culture of innovation developed over 14 years with world-renowned research centers and leading technology partners, notably in North America.
The closing of this gap brings EBSYS the necessary means to carry out its innovation and R & D programs focused on developing IP (intellectual property), product development and R & D outsourcing activities with high added value.
Already positioned in the IoT with expertise in digitalization, mobility, Big Data and Cloud, Wevioo group aims to achieve the following objectives:
To support its international clients in the IoT revolution by bringing them its high level innovation and outsourcing capabilities throughout the entire value chain of connected objects.
To capitalize on the expertise of EBSYS in Video Analysis, Wireless Technology and Energy Management to develop innovative products and IoT solutions, especially for Smart City applications.
Develop synergies with the infrastructure and outsourcing activities of WEVIOO group and its subsidiary ADACTIM for the IoT (Device Management, Service Management...).
About EBSYS:
Founded in 2001 in Tunis, EBSYS specializes in R & D in embedded systems engineering. Their area of expertise covers algorithms, IP (Intellectual Property) development, product development and R & D outsourcing. EBSYS specializes particularly in three key areas:
Embedded vision and video analysis
Wireless communication
Energy management.
EBSYS has a solid reputation for business expertise among its North American and European clients, principally in the areas of security, the automotive industry, telecommunications and energy.
Website: www.ebsys-tech.com   


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