In a context of sustained growth and competition, Wevioo supports operators in the region in their transformation projects in relation to market developments. In this way Wevioo brings its expertise and its cultural and geographical proximity for the implementation of shared processes, monitoring processes and improvement of the customer relationship function. On the technological side, Wevioo specializes in architecture design, technological coaching for internal teams and technical performance tests.
    Wevioo has equally developed renowned expertise in the design and implementation of SOA architectures. Wevioo also supports major software engineering projects. Finally, for the implementation and optimization of ERP and CRM solutions, Wevioo can support in the managing and monitoring projects and can be in charge of the full execution of projects directly or in consortium with other partners.
    Service companies face considerable challenges:
    • To resist the increasingly important and reactive national and international competition
    • To adapt to a changing environment
    • To satisfy increasingly demanding customers 
    • To effectively monitor their businesses 
    To face these challenges, Wevioo enables technology and service companies to enjoy all the benefits of the new technologies in order to ensure:
    • An improved performance of the marketing and sales departments
    • Higher service quality and improved customer satisfaction
    • Reduced operating costs
    • Increased profitability
    • Improvement of processes
    • Etc.
    Wevioo teams and experts will deploy all their skills and expertise to help you define and implement best in class monitoring tools and processes.