Innovation is vital for our customers to create new products and services and benefit from the opportunities offered by the constantly changing technologies.
The software experts and architects at Wevioo will help you to seize the opportunities offered by new technologies while managing the risks and constraints in their implementation with the best possible time-to-market and competitiveness.
We provide our customers with solutions to accelerate their innovation cycles and strengthen their R & D capabilities:
  • Technological feasibility studies
  • Design of Technical Architecture 
  • Technology audit and application performance optimization
  • POC (Proof of Concept) and prototyping
  • Advanced technology training and technology transfer
  • Co-innovation projects with external partners and research centers
  • Delivery of R & D projects


Business cases

Technological overhaul of the Leonardi solution, a GUI builder. After benchmarking of technology choices, Wevioo teams conducted a Proof of Concept, following which they developed and delivered the new Leonardi framework.

Technical Audit (Quality, performance and security) and performance and security assessment of the software. Wevioo issued recommendations for securing the application and improving its performance. Wevioo teams then supported STAR in the implementation phase.

Consulting, performance audit and recommendation for an SOA architecture. 
Wevioo also coached the R & D team of Zitouna Bank.


Audit technique (Qualité, performance et sécurité) et conseil Performance et sécurité. Wevioo a émis des recommandations pour sécuriser l’application et améliorer ses performances. Les équipes de wevioo ont ensuite accompagné la STAR dans la mise en œuvre des recommandations.