T-vioo is an innovative software solution for human capital management. Inspired initially by our own needs as a consulting and IT services company, it is perpetually enriched by the returns of our HR consulting experience in multiple contexts with demanding customers (Banks, Industry, Telecommunications...).
T-vioo was designed and developed in a spirit of simplicity and business intuition, with a strong accent on  functional evolutivity and adaptability to specific requirements.
Perfectly suited to Small and Medium sized companies, T-vioo gathers all the essential components of an effective HR management. All your HR information is centralized into a single uniform and consistent software easily integrable to  other operational systems .
T-vioo is a modular solution that can be configured and dimensioned according to the specificities and business context of the client

Business cases

Implementation of T-vioo for HR development of engineers and technicians.
Zodiac Aerospace Tunisia is a subsidiary of a world leader in equipment and aeronautics systems. The implementation of T-vioo helped ZAT to standardize HR management in the different business units and to ensure transparency and fairness in talent promotion.
The tool offered ZAT a decision support system (DSS) to manage careers and to identify areas for improvement through appropriate training plans.