The supply chain is central to business efficiency and performance. Performance is increased when supply chain costs are monitored, controlled and optimized end to end: purchasing is optimized (buying at the best price), procurement is streamlined to reduce procurement cycles and idle stock, and delivery of services to the final customer is improved. 
Wevioo assists its clients in the development and implementation of Supply Chain Strategy using a three-step approach: assessment and root cause analysis; strategy development and option assessment; implementation and delivery. 
At the end of the assessment phase a clear understanding of the supply chain is reached; key challenges and the required changes and improvements are identified.
A Strategic Roadmap is built to address company challenges and to achieve higher performance through the implementation of optimized and improved supply chain functions and operations.
Implementation is key and delivering the promises of the Strategic Roadmap can only be achieved with an efficient and effective implementation and execution plan and team. Wevioo will support its clients by providing planning and monitoring consulting services and resources as well as hands-on consultants to address specific operational areas.
Wevioo expertise covers the full range of supply chain components (logistics infrastructure, supply Chain processes, human resources and information systems).

Business cases

Analysis and assessment of the existing logistics facilities and processes, review of the capacity requirements and development of a new optimized operating model and layout.
Ooredoo has since been able to cope with high variability in storage requirements despite the limited space available at the facility.


Redesign and optimization of the logistics processes and flows end to end, including operations KPI and monitoring processes. Optimizing warehouse operations released space for the implementation of new production lines.Sagemcom was able to both install the new production line and streamline its storage space.  
Assessment of the current logistics model and review of company expansion target. Design of target logistics model and processes to meet current needs and future expansion through supply chain modeling and option assessment.Modeling covered multiple warehouse options and locations and simulation addressed the full supply chain cost (storage costs, cost of stock, transport costs) and included an assessment of the service level.  
Development of a roadmap for the establishment of a new distribution model.Quick wins were identified and implemented to generate immediate return (transport planning tool, transport cost analysis).  
Development of an outsourcing Business Case for a Supply Chain Retailer (serving 80 supermarkets) covering all warehousing operation, outbound logistics and distribution. The Business Case and related financial proposal were used as the basis of the proposal delivered by the 3PL company to the retailer.  
Diagnostic and identification of strengths and weaknesses of the current supply chain.Development of a target logistics model and transformation plan to support implementation.This enabled the client to release a significant amount of working capital.