By outsourcing an increasingly significant portion of their activities in order to focus on the core business, companies have contributed to the transformation of procurement and purchasing function.
An effective procurement and purchasing department allows the business to reach external resources (goods, services) at optimal cost and quality, while adding value and bringing innovation to the business.
Wevioo has developed a specific procurement and purchasing offering and solution to optimize this function and to convert it to a strategic and competitive asset.
It consists of a set of services addressing the challenges purchasing data management, supplier lifecycle management and purchase order lifecycle management.


Business cases

Establishing a procedure for regular cleansing of the supplier database.
Design of a tool for supplier lifecycle management.
Reduction of discrepancies between receipts and invoices in the management of purchase orders, with a positive impact on accounts.


Mapping existing procurement and purchasing department, identification of major areas of improvement and good practices. Business case and recommendation for and alternative centralized model.
Setting up a purchasing department for the Saudi Education Ministry.


Assessing the maturity of the purchasing department vs. the industry best practices.

Definition of a roadmap and associated deployment schedule (including quick wins and prioritization of short and medium term actions).

Because of the complex supply chains and international sourcing, supplier delivery times have been identified as a key area of improvement for reducing the need of spare parts inventory.
The existing purchasing and procurement procedures have therefore been improved to include a procedure dedicated to the negotiation of suppliers delivery lead times including the assessment of the cost of such lead times in terms of inventory requirement and related working capital.
In addition to this procedure, SABIC was able to benefit from the introduction of a tool for calculating delivery lead time targets for each supplier on the basis of specific parameters (incoterm, country of origin, shipment mode).