For a company to drive performance effectively is to meet the requirements of transparency and good management.
Transparency is a question of having at your disposal factual and accurate data on business activity in order to identify relevant areas for improvement.
As for management, that is a question of acquiring methodological and organizational tools capable of converting the identified areas into levers of competitiveness. 
How can one align the strategic vision of a company to the expectations of different stakeholders? What are the internal processes, the keys to success? How should we measure their effectiveness? How should we mobilize company resources to achieve its objectives? What are the dependencies between these objectives and what priorities should be set? 
What software solutions to choose? What architecture should be adopted?
Our consultants support business managers in the design and implementation of KPIs and dashboards, as well as in choosing technical solutions, so as to achieve efficient strategy.  
Our services include:
  • Strategy development based on a strategy mapping exercise
  • The development of the required business KPIs and the related dashboards
  • Setting the KPI architecture and relationships and dependencies between KPIs
  • Review and assessment of KPI data sources 
  • Development of the BI data architecture
  • Selection of the technical solution and required software solutions
  • Support throughout the implementation of BI project


Business cases

This project involved the gathering of business requirements of the various business users (Finance, Marketing, Sales, Data Mining, Call Center ...) in terms of KPIs, reporting and dashboards. 
Functional specifications were drafted for the new Data Warehouse. 
Test booklets were prepared for pre-acceptance phase.
Ooredoo was then able to successfully implement its project and ensure the satisfaction and involvement of all managers.


Review of the current cost structure, mapping vs. current product/service mix and development of a costing assessment model and a cost calculation tool.
A cost controlling and monitoring procedure was established and implemented.
Since then, COMAF has controlled its cost structures and improved its profitability.