Faced with the double requirement for continuous improvement of service quality to customers on the one hand, and on the other the increasing operating costs needed to achieve that service quality, a company has a duty to periodically adjust its value chain to be always aligned customer expectations while also controlling profitability.
Company management must initiate process and value assessment exercises to identify potential savings in time, materials and activities while maintaining its service level commitment and product quality.
Our consultants help you deploy the approaches that are most appropriate to your industry and the most suitable to your needs to identify improvement opportunities. They offer quick win measures as well as transformation scenarios targeted at short or medium term deployment.
Rich in knowledge of its customers' businesses, strong in the expertise and experience of its consultants, Wevioo can engage in various models including "success fees" engagement models. 
Our services include:
  • Support in the As-Is assessment and review 
  • Identification of the causes of non-productivity and non-efficiency
  • Sizing of the business requirements (manpower, equipment, space, …) based on the implementation of the best practices and industry standards whilst fulfilling customer requirements and expected business profitability
  • Root cause analysis and recommended improvement plan including identification of Quick Wins 
  • Support throughout the implementation of the recommendation plan until targets and expected savings are achieved.

Business cases

Operating Model review (purchasing, sales, marketing, support functions, etc.) of a distributor of cosmetic products.Development of a comprehensive transformation plan for the company.Redesign of the "Order-to-Cash" end to end process from the order placement by a sales representative through to product delivery and collection.Consequently ALFOZ has reduced its average processing time from five to three days.  
Identification of the processes to be optimize (credit processes and transaction agents)Measuring the effectiveness of current processes.Analysis and identification of optimization tracks.Construction and execution of a roadmap (approach and structure) and assistance in the implementation of target processes.Since then, BIAT has significantly reduced the average time for granting loans.  
Analysis of the effectiveness of the Order-to-Cash process, the current indicators, performance and areas for improvement.Formalization of the target process and development of new monitoring indicators.Delice Danone was then able to formalize an implementation plan outlining the actions to be taken to achieve the target process.