The globalization of the economy and business has deeply changed the role and nature of logistics functions within companies. Supply Chains and Distribution channels are becoming more and more complex and require sophisticated logistics operations and organizations.
Furthermore, in an increasingly competitive environment, logistics appears as a critical and key success factor for business competitiveness. Competitive cost can be achieved through better control of logistics costs; competitive service by improving the quality of service both upstream and downstream.
Wevioo has capitalized on its experience and the number of projects it has delivered in the past and offers its customers a specific offering focused on logistics.
This offering and solution consists of a range of services addressing the operational optimization problems in the areas of logistics infrastructure, flows and stocks.


Business cases

Review of warehouse operations: both qualitative aspects (quality of processes and their implementation, human resources, inventory control...) and quantitative (volume of transactions, history of known discrepancies...).This review was conducted through on-site reviews (visits, interviews with stakeholders on the perimeter) and through the gathering of data (both digital and from paper).The consolidation and analysis of all collected items allowed for the identification of factual and measurable causes for stock discrepancies. This led to the development of a series of recommendations and an associated action plan that allowed SAFCO to drastically reduce stock discrepancy (more than 70% of treated discrepancies).  
Support in the modernization of the logistics function and department consisting of more than 40 warehouses and more than 200 personnel.
Formulation of a new logistics strategy centralizing the stock in two warehouses.
Definition and sizing of the logistics and operating model underpinning the new strategy.
Assistance in implementing this new operating model.
Identifying the needs and new logistics requirements of the company with a horizon of five years. 
Master plan and design of the logistics requirements to meet future business needs, and developing a target operating model to underpin this strategy.
Support for the implementation of the new organization and development of a business case for transforming logistics department from cost to profit center.


Recommendation of new logistics processes to ensure better integration with the rest of business. Challenges and issues can easily be highlighted and addressed.
Development of an action plan to reduce losses and costs logistics.


Preparation of an exhaustive database for Al Madar.
Support throughout a stock cleansing exercise (obsolete and damaged articles, etc.) resulting in a reduction of the need for working capital.