The continuous transformation of the economic environment (development of new markets, materials price changes, etc.) intensified by a context in which new technologies are revolutionizing access to information and customer experience management, has been impacting for several years all industrial sectors. Actors must regularly adapt their strategies (new products, better adapted to markets and shorter lifecycles) and transform their operations by acquiring resilient operating models, both agile and equipped with the best technology.
    Our teams support clients in overcoming most of these challenges in a coherent and sustainable manner.
    The retail sector is currently facing profound transformation of the historic model. In such highly competitive markets, consumer (client) behavior is becoming more demanding and mature. Therefore, the retail sector must be able to meet, among others, these new challenges:
    • Optimizing "time to market" by reducing lifecycles
    • Creating value through services and products that participate in creating customer loyalty
    • International deployment
    • The multiplication of distribution channels with the surge of the eCommerce 
    • Digitalization of customer relations
    In order to respond to these challenges, the retail industry is initiating a large number of projects and initiatives covering the transformation of their business model, their operating model and their IS.
    Examples of Solution:
    • Purchasing and Procurement performance: Sourcing, optimized purchasing models, supplier relationship management...
    • Supply chain performance, at the strategic level (Master Plan) and operational (Operational Effectiveness, Organizational Design)
    • Sales and Marketing Performance: CRM
    • Operating Model and Information Systems Audits
    • Implementation of transformation programs
    • Project Management Office (PMO) and Change Management
    • Design and implementation of software solutions
    • Digitalization of manufacturing processes and quality management
    • Embedded Solutions – IOT type (Internet of Things)