In a globalized world opportunities are becoming global, as are the means of better seizing them.
We partner our clients  in helping them implement efficient Global Delivery models sustained by our offshore expertise and presence in several countries in the MEA (Middle East and Africa) region.
We provide our customers with solutions to accelerate the strategic transformation of their delivery models:
  • Sourcing IT profiles to deliver international projects.
  • Outsourcing delivery of projects on a fixed price mode.
  • Third-Party Application Maintenance or Testing  delivered by our Nearshore and Shared Services Centers.
  • Dedicated Service Centers and delivery capabilities tailored to your needs.
To achieve this we mobilize:
  • A culture of partnership with a strong focus on sustainability, quality and performance.
  • Proven partnership models tailored to your strategic challenges and mitigating risk.
  • Our Nearshore capabilities and over 16 years' experience of Nearshore collaborations with demanding European customers.
Our presence in 5 EMEA countries and experience of international projects in over 30 countries in the region.


Business cases

A service center based in Tunis and dedicated to Gemalto projects in the complex and demanding area of identity solutions for governments.