With expertise in Embedded Systems covering algorithms, IP and product development and design of hardware and software systems, Wevioo provides value-added solutions and services throughout the entire life cycle of system development and innovative electronic components.
EBSYS, the hub of Wevioo Embedded Systems (www.ebsys-tech.com) is distinguished by a very strong culture of research and innovation, a team of hardware and software engineers (many with doctorates) who are all passionate about R & D, and a continuous investment in the development of IP. Synergies are developed between these expertise, world-renowned research centers and European and North American partners in leading technologies.
Among our main areas of expertise in embedded systems are:
  • Embedded vision and video analysis, with solutions such as face recognition, object recognition and vehicle license plate recognition, as well as applications for security and robotics in particular.
  • Wireless communication and PLC (Power Line Carrier) for applications in the areas of Smart Grid and M2M communication in general.
  • Energy management with solutions including Battery Management Systems or storage control systems in renewable energy applications and for energy saving items.
  • Business expertise in the areas of Smart Grid, Smart Metering, Street Lighting, home automation, video surveillance, telecommunications and self-driving cars.
  • Technological expertise in: Embedded software development and integration of Real Time OS, FPGA and ASIC, CAD of electronic card and product prototyping, testing and validation of embedded communications solutions.
Our service offer:
  • Technical expertise in system design and technology selection
  • Development and product prototyping according to customer requirements
  • Licensing / IP development for innovative technologies
  • Service Center Development and client platform testing 
  • Advanced technology training.


Business cases

Third-party development partner of leading US semiconductor company Analog Devices Inc. with whom we have worked for over 10 years on the development of "Reference designs" and in support of international clients in Video and Embedded Vision 

Smart camera for vehicle: hardware and software development of a smart camera for monitoring driver alertness using our embedded vision libraries. 

Design and implementation of a digital control card for an energy converter.