We support our customers in the digital transformation of their products and services and in aligning their information systems.
The "digital" is a revolution transforming our businesses and societies.
Our clients are not only prominent players in the digital field (software companies and technology providers) but also companies from all industries and public actors for whom the digital is strategic.
The implementation of digital strategy requires very broad competencies for the definition of purposes, the creation of a rewarding and unified user experience, deployment on multiple media and devices, the management of large volumes of data, and guaranteed safety of data and transactions.
What we bring:
  • Business expertise and reengineering of business processes.
  • Full stack technological expertise including Java J2EE architectures, Angular JS, Node JS, PHP Symfony and mobile development, HTML5, Android and iOS.
  • Expertise in highly complex and integrated Web / mobile developments, as well as skills in the areas of digital security: IAM, SSO, PKI, cryptography, electronic signatures…
  • Demanding quality standards with a strong culture of projects commiting to results and state of the art methodologies.


Business cases

Development of a mobile and web application to support the competitive intelligence of Verallia France. This application allowed Verallia to refine its analysis of the glass market by determining the expected revenue for active and potential clients and to plan its sales strategy accordingly.

Development of a web and mobile application for the award of grants to needy families. This tool being for use both on the web or on tablet allows for greater reliability in the processes of identifying families eligible for subsidies and monitoring the aid granted.

Development of the Ooredoo web portal and all digital services aimed at customers. Integration of the portal with social networks, CRM, shops and all Information Systems using state of the art web technologies.