Businesses today are involved in several types of transformation:
Mergers, deploying new strategies, restructuring, review of organizational structure and roles, implementation of new information systems ...
Thus, the ability to evolve rapidly, to change deeply and effectively in line with business requirements and environmental constraints, all while retaining staff to a reasonable level, has become a major asset .
Change management is an approach allied to human capital in order to achieve the expected objectives of change and to deploy the necessary effort to meet the target.
Wevioo developed management techniques adapted to changing business size, project scope and the nature of barriers to change. 
In order to facilitate change in companies, Wevioo offers support in four phases:
  • Assessment of staff capacity for change
  • Communicating a vision of the stakes for the company
  • Mobilizing and concretizing change by offering solutions adapted to a given situation: workshops; training; mobilization seminars ...
  •  Developing a dashboard for change


Business cases

Development of new processes, procedures and training material to support the implementation and the use of the new information system.
The new Information System and the related best practices were brought by the new partner of Sahari bank. 
The bank was aligned with the best practices of its partner, within deadline and according to international standards.
As part of its implementation of a new operations support system (OSS), Ericsson hired Wevioo to support in the Change Management and in the test automation phases..
The system was successfully deployed and there was perfect user adoption.