Since the advent of the subprime crisis, the banking and financial sector in general was obliged to implement very expensive reforms rejected during the “cash cow” years (separation of investment and financing; monitoring  of operational risk, market risk and credit risk; IFRS; Basel 3; Solvency, etc.).
    However, both the stagnation of global growth and the need to monitor and control risk are delaying the return of these financial institutions to the path of growth and profitability.
    Banks and financial institutions in general are now called to prove their innovativeness and specialization to seduce customers and grow their GDP while also reviewing their organization and manner of providing services for greater customer focus and a monitoring of the operating ratio.
    Wevioo helps banks and financial institutions take advantage of new organizational approaches and new technologies by assisting them to:
    • Convert their strategic objectives into project portfolios and efficiently deliver these projects.
    • Support in their transformation initiatives with the objective of being definitively more customer oriented in alignment with the CRM 2.0 approach
    • Adopt and implement lean management approaches.
    • Implement ERP software in the areas of Capital Market, Asset Management, Asset Finance and Retail Banking
    • Leverage on the HR Management to achieve their strategic objectives.
    • Manage their activities effectively using tailored dashboards