We set up IT development platforms for our customers to maintain their software under fixed-price contract s and with commitment to results.
The benefits expected by the customer are:
  • Meet and exceed end user expectation and reach higher satisfaction levels
  • Reduction of the maintenance cost 
  • Industrializing development of system enhancements while reducing lead times
  • High standard of system documentation to ensure sustainability of the solution.
Wevioo provides a flexible and agile solution that conforms to international development and security standards:
  • Ability to set up dedicated teams at short notice
  • Ability to identify and provide customers with the appropriate profiles
  • Physical and electronic security processes and frameworks aligned with the requirements of the ISO27001 standard. 
Our Application Maintenance offer includes the following activities:
  • Corrective maintenance
  • System upgrade and enhancement
  • Preventive maintenance
  • User support
  • Delivery of client specific requests and projects (technology assessment, detailed functional or technical specifications, etc.).
Wevioo has accumulated more than 18 years shared experience in delivering Nearshore Application Maintenance services. We apply a proven methodology to all our TMA projects: 
Assessment and Planning Phase:
  • As-Is audit and review 
  • Definition of the scope and expected service levels
  • Signing of the contract, the QAP (Quality Assurance Plan) and the Service Agreement.
Engagement and Implementation Phase:
  • Establishment of detailed technical and functional scope
  • Mobilization and know how transfer 
  • Establishment of Application Maintenance operating model and resource plan 
  • Gradual transfer of responsibility to the Wevioo Application Maintenance team.
Maintenance Phase:
  • Support and assistance for users
  • Corrective maintenance in line with agreed SLA
  • Preventive maintenance
  • System upgrade and enhancement
  • Application Maintenance indicators and dashboards.
Reversibility phase:
  • The reversibility plan is a contractual commitment and is implemented by wevioo at the end of the contract.
  • The reversibility is managed as a project and ends when the transfer is complete and operations handed over to the client or to a third party of his choice.


Business cases

Development and maintenance of a real-time workflow system for tracking land, air and sea transport activities. Wevioo has established a team with technical as well as business knowledge to develop, to maintain and to test the system. Wevioo allowed the client to industrialize the corrective maintenance and the development of upgrades while maximizing the quality and availability of the system.