Wevioo offers its customers robust solutions to address their business challenges:
  • Performance improvement 
  • Process and system optimization
  • International and regional support
  • Continuous innovation 

Wevioo is constantly enhancing its services, developing new partnerships and alliances and expanding its geographical reach. Wevioo's ultimate objective is to keep constantly abreast of the latest technologies in order to deliver the best solutions to its clients. 


Our subsidiaries and affiliates



ADACTIM offer application outsourcing and integration in Europe, North Africa and sub-Saharan Africa. They help clients to simplify and optimize the management of their information systems and IT infrastructure. They offer outsourcing, consulting and integration of ERP solutions, as well as cloud, security and value-added IT infrastructure.
About EBSYS:
Founded in 2001 in Tunis, EBSYS specializes in R & D in embedded systems engineering. Their area of expertise covers algorithms, IP (Intellectual Property) development, product development and R & D outsourcing. EBSYS specializes particularly in three key areas:
Embedded vision and video analysis
Wireless communication
Energy management.
EBSYS has a solid reputation for business expertise among its North American and European clients, principally in the areas of security, the automotive industry, telecommunications and energy.
About Cassiopae MEA:
Cassiopae MEA Joint Venture was established in Tunis with the financial software provider Cassiopae in order to develop, market and integrate Cassiopae solutions in the African and Middle Eastern market.